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When There Is No Middle Ground, Fight To Win With Experienced Custody Lawyers In Your Corner!

When There Is No Middle Ground, Fight To Win With Experienced Custody Lawyers In Your Corner!

Smart, Tough Custody Lawyers to Help You “Win” Your Custody Battle!

Child custody is one of the most financially and emotionally challenging aspects of any divorce or parentage case. The guidance of a seasoned yet assertive attorney will make all the difference where you are concerned for the future of your child.

Custody Arrangement Modifications

Child custody arrangements should serve the best interests of the child or children involved, providing for a stable living environment and allowing for a good relationship between the child and both of his or her parents. If you are a parent, the law allows you the opportunity to modify an existing court order if your circumstances have changed in one of a few significant ways that could bear on the best interests of your child or children.

Relocation Is the Most Common Reason for Custody Arrangement Modifications

Following a divorce, one parent may want or need to move for a new job, to be closer to family, or for another purpose. A “removal” or a change your family’s needs may trigger the need for an experienced approach to succeed in your goal of removal. Our firm can help you address the issue of post-decree modifications.

Representing Our Clients Through Trying Custody Issues

  • Original Custody Determinations, which are made by a court to award custody of a child or children
  • Change of Custody Determinations, which involved a court reviewing changes in your circumstances—such as your living situation, your co-parent’s situation, or the needs of your child—to possibly change your original custody judgment
  • Visitation for the noncustodial parent
  • Interstate custody and out-of-town or out-of-state relocation by one parent
  • The relationship between visitation, custody and the amount of child support you owe or receive
  • The termination of parental rights, which can happen in extreme cases
  • The abduction of child by a parent or relative
  • The creation of a Guardianship or Adoption for a child.

Child Custody Cases for Special-Needs Children

Every child is unique, and every child has individual needs. Some children have special needs that must be attended to and taken into account with regard to child custody orders. Ideally, this happens during divorce proceedings or other court proceedings with regard to unmarried parents.