Child Support

Make Sure Your Children Are Taken Care Of Competently

Make Sure Your Children Are Taken Care Of Competently

Child Support Lawyers

Child support is an important component in many divorce cases. Illinois law indicates that child support should be paid by one noncustodial parent (or parent who has not been awarded primary residency) when certain financial conditions are present. Child support may be ordered in cases in which the parents of a child were never married.

We’ve Assisted in the Following Child Support Issues:

  • Understanding the formulas that are used by the courts, taking into account both parents’ incomes, custody, and other factors
  • Taking into account your child’s or children’s day care costs, educational expenses and activities
  • Obtaining temporary and permanent court orders
  • Petitioning a court for modification of existing child support orders related to a change of income, expenses, or your child’s or children’s needs
  • Resolving related custody matters
  • Determining whether you should pay alimony (spousal support)
  • Understanding the implication of any LGBT family law issues that bear on your case
  • Making sure you can reasonably keep what you’ve got and/or get what you deserve